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Fabric Painting-All Post

1-Fabric Painting-Type Of Brushes Needed

2-Fabric Painting-How To Hold Brush

3-Fabric Painting-How To Load Color On Brush

4-Fabric Painting-How To Apply High & Low Pressure on Brush

5-Fabric Painting-How To Make Simple Flower With Straight Strokes

6-Fabric Painting-How To Make Strokes With Second Colour

7-Fabric Painting-How To Make Flower Center Using Q-Tips (Ear Bud)

8-Fabric Painting-How To Make Leaves With Straight Strokes

9-Fabric Painting--How To Load Double Color On Brush

10-Fabric Painting-How To Paint Free Hand Flower Using Out Stokes

11-Fabric Painting-How To Paint Stem & Leaves Using Out stroke Into In stroke

12-Fabric Painting-How To Add Flowers & Leaves To Create Pattern

13-Fabric Painting-How To Make Curved Strokes With Round Brush

14-Fabric Painting-How To Make Rose In 3 Ways

15-Fabric Painting-How To Paint Rose, Bud & Leaves With Round Brush

16-Fabric Painting - How To Paint Bunches

17-Fabric Painting-How To Triple load Color On Brush

18-Fabric Painting How To Paint Flower With Triple Load

19-Fabric Painting-Impression Flowers With Triple Loading

20-Fabric Painting-Flat Brush -Leaves Technique

21-Fabric Painting-Flat Brush Rose & Leaves

22-Fabric Painting-Flat Brush Big Leaf

23-Fabric Painting-Flat Brush Double Loading Making Rose

24-Fabric Painting-Flat Brush Double Load Leaf Making

25-Round Brush-Double Loading Leaf Technique

26-Fabric Painting-Chinese Roses

27-Fabric Painting-Colour Blending Technique

28-Fabric Painting-Color Blending Technique Making Leaves

29- Fabric Painting-How To Use Tube Colors, How To Store Extra Colours

30-Fabric Painting-How To Paint Sunflower

31-Fabric Painting-How To Make Tulips

32- Fabric Painting-How To Make Tulip Strokes
33-Dry Painting-With Flat Brush Making Flower & Leaves

34- Fabric Painting-Shading & Dry Painting (33)

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  1. Fabric painting vsty kaya material nu kapdu lewanu jena upr fine painting thai