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Hand Embroidery-All Post

Things Required

How To Put Cloth On Ring

How To Start & End Any Stitch

1-Running Stitch

2- Back Stitch

3- Stem Stitch

4- Chain Stitch

5- Alternative Chain

6- Open Chain

7- Twisted Chain Stitch

8- Double Sided Lazy Daisy-Normal

9-Lazy Dazy-Square

Lazy Dazy Variation

Twisted Chain

10- Herringbone

11- Shadow

12- Satin Stitch

13- Feathers

14- Fishbone

15- French Knot

16- Elongated French knot

17- Double Knot/Coral Stitch

18- Buttonhole

19- Fanned Buttonhole

20- Lotus

21- Long and Short
Flower Petal


22- Spring

23- Cut Work


25-Mirror Stitch

26-Lace Stitch

27-Spider Stitch

28-Blanket Stitch

29-Kashmiri Stitch

30-Romanian Stitch

31-Knot Stitch With Beads

32-French Knot Using Sequence (tikri)

33-Kutchi Stitch

34-Comb Stitch


36-Cross Stitch


38-Fly Stitch

Fly Stitch Variation Type-1

Fly Stitch Variation Type-2

39-Wheatear Stitch

40-Raised Chain

41-Sheaf Stitch

42-Queen Stitch

43-Mountmellick Stitch

44-Cretan Stitch

45-Woven Picot

46-Needle Weaving Stitch

47-Pompom Stitch

48-Kasuti Stitch

49-Bar Buttonhole


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  2. Nicely explained the stitches.
    Can you add hand effect Embroidery stitches please?


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