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Single Makhi-All Post

How to Start Makki

How To Do Makki On Collar

Single Makhi Design-1

Single Makhi Design-2 (with chain stitch)

Single Makhi Design-3

Single Makhi Design-3

Single Makhi Design-4 With Slip Stitch

Single Makhi Design-5 (In 2 Colors)

Single Makhi Design-6

Single Makhi Design-7

Double Makhi Design-1

Double Makhi Design-2

Double Makhi Design-3 With Double Crochet

Double Makhi Design-4 With Half Double Crochet

Double Makhi Design-5 With 3 Colors

Double Makhi Design-6

Double Makhi-Design-7

Double Makhi Design-8 With Chain Stitch

Double Makhi Design-9 With 3 Colors

Double Makhi Design-10

Double Makhi Design-11

Double Makhi Design-12

Makhi On Pocket

Double Makhi Matching For Pocket Makhi

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