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Sunday Surprise

1-Mohabbat NI Roti

2-Chocolate Making

3-Jhabla izar ‘s Topi

4-Tissue Pouch

5-Mehandi Basics

6-Australian Home Made Naan

How To Do Makkhi On Kurta-Saya

7-Nawo Waras-Pehli Raat Thal

8-Quilted Tote Bag With Zipper

9-Topi Mukwano Dabbo

10-Crossbody Messenger Bag With Mobile Pouch & Zipper

11-Patchwork Soft Toy Ball

12-Kapda Mukwanu Pouch

13-Quilted Bethak Sujni


15-Shaadi Mubarak

16-Simple Market Tote Bag

17-Wall Hanging Pouch with Multiple Pockets

18-Mobile Charger Holder

19-Travelling Masallah With Pouch

20-Shoe Rack

21-2 in 1 Cloth Hanger + Changing Room

22-Types of Curtains

23-Types of Pillow Covers

24-Simple Tote Bag With Crosssbody Handle

25-Storage Pouch with Multiple Pockets

26-How To Make Noori Cap (Bonnet Cap)

27-Quilted Hafti Cover With Binding

28-Easy & Stylish Apron With Pockets

29-Girls Scarf

30-Safra With Matching Napkin, Kundli Cover & Storage Pouch

31-Gents Quilted Masallah Sujni With Pouch

32-Ladies Quilted Masallah

33-Ladies Double Colour Masallah

34-Gents backpack

35-Ladies Backpack

36-Kids Backpack

37- Ladies T-Shirt

38-Ladies Izar

39-Quilted Hafti Cover With Zip



42-Ladies Wallet

43-Multi Purpose Pouch

44-Waist Pouch

45-Sling Bag

46-Ladies Ghaghro

47-Pocket Makhi

48-Mobile Pouch Cum Wallet


50-Gents Suzi Izar

53-Normal Hafti Cover

Hindustan 27 Doat (RA) Ziayarat Tour From Mumbai

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