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SMB Recipes In English

1-Mumbai Chowpaty Style Pavbhaji In Just 3 Easy Steps

2-Lonavala Style Peanut Chikki In Just 2 Easy Steps

3-Khaman Dhokla In Just 3 Easy Steps

4-Pineapple Halwa In Just 3 Steps

5-Anjeer Halwa In Just 2 Easy Steps

6-Muttoon Peashawari In Just 3 Easy Steps

7-Delicious Butter Chicken In Just 3 Easy Steps

8-How To Make Cake Without Oven

9-Milk Ice-cream In Just 3 Easy Steps

10-Egg Less Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Frosting In 5 Easy Steps

11-South Indian Special –Idli

12-West Bengal Special Rasgulla In Just 2 Easy Steps

13-Milk Powder Rabdi Peda In Just 2 Easy steps

14-Tea Time Monaco Toppings

15-Aflatoon Mithai Recipe

16-Mohanthal Recipe In 4 Easy Steps

17-Home Made Tomato Ketchup

18-Keasr Pista Kulfi

19-Paneer Pakode In Just 5 easy Steps

20-Home Made Kaju Katli With Just 4 ingredients 

21-Doodhi Halwa

22-Gajar Ka Halwa

23-Bengal Special Rose Sandesh

24-Chocolate Chilly Laddo


26-Milk Powder Barfi

27-Easy Tawa Toast sandwich

28-Mayonnise & Chicken Sandwich

29-Omellete Sandwich

30-Simple Vegetable Sandwich

31-Bombay Cheese Sandwich

32-White Chocolate Ganache

33-Cold Coffe With Chocolate ganache

34-Dark Chocolate ganche

35-Cold Coffee With dark Chocolate

36-Simple Cold Coffee

37-Custard cookies

38-Caramel Custard Pudding

39-Custard Ice-cream

40-Fruit Custard

41-Hot & Sour Soup

42-Sweet Corn Soup

43-Carrot & Spinach Soup

44-Cream Tomato Soup

45-Vegetable Garlic Soup

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