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Fabric Painting Advance

1-one Stroke Painting Using Flat Brush

2-One Stroke Painting Using Flat Brush & Double Loading

3-Double Loading Method In Fabric Painting

4-Flat Brush-Flower Bouquet

5-Strawberry Painting Using Flat Brush

6-Watermelon Painting Using Flat Brush

Fabric Painting 

Fabric Bows

Simple Fabric Bow

Double fabric Bow

Fancy Bow

Sailor Bow

Bubble Bow

50 Stitches Of Hand Embroidery 

Cross Stitch Belt 

Fabric Flowers-Things Required

1-Fabric Flower Type-1

2-Fabric Flower Type-2

3-Fabric Flower Type-3

4-Fressia Flower

5-8 Petal Flower

6-Satin Ribbon Rose

7-Felt Flower

8-Filigree Flower

9-Scrape Paper Flower

10-6 Petal Satin Ribbon Flower

11-Satin Ribbon Flower Type-3

12-Kanzashi Ribbon Flower

13-Kanzashi Ribbon Flower-Double Color

14-9-Petal Flower

15-Net Flower Type-1

16-Net Flower Type-2

17-Net Flower Type-3

18-Net Flower Type-4

19-Fabric Flower type-5

20-Double Layer Fabric Flower

21-4 Inch Satin Ribbon Flower

22-Fabric Flower

23-Rickrack Flower

24-4 Petal Satin Ribbon Flower

25-Fabric Ruffle Flower

26-Yo Yo Flower
27-5 Petal Yo Yo Fabric Flower

28-5 Petal Flower

29-Kanzashi 5 Petal Ribbon Flower

30-Stocking Flower

31-Fabric Button

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