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My Dream-My First Rida All Post

My Dream-My First Rida

My Dream-My First Rida

Things required

Rida parts

Front Yoke Measurement On Rida

Front Yoke

Back Yoke



Galla Patti


Cutting Pardi Gher

Cutting Front & Back Yoke & Nakab

 Cutting Ghaghro

Front & Back Yoke Joining

Nakab & Kas Making

Nakab Joining On Yoke

Kas Joining With Yoke

Galla Patti Joining With Yoke

Gher Hamming

Yoke & Gher Joining

Ghagro-Stitching & Attaching Pocket

Ghagro Stitching, Making Pleats

1 comment:

  1. Thank you.i would appreciate if you could show cutting for precut rida where we have limited material to stitch.