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My Dream-My First Rida All Post

My Dream-My First Rida

Things required

Rida parts

How To Take Front Yoke Measurement From Body


Front Yoke Measurement On Rida

Front Yoke

Back Yoke



Galla Patti


Cloth Cutting

Cutting Pardi Gher

Cutting Front & Back Yoke & Nakab

Cutting Ghaghro


Front & Back Yoke Joining

Nakab & Kas Making

Nakab Joining On Yoke

Kas Joining With Yoke

Galla Patti Joining With Yoke

Gher Hamming

Yoke & Gher Joining

Ghagro-Stitching & Attaching Pocket

Ghagro Stitching, Making Pleats

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  1. Thank you.i would appreciate if you could show cutting for precut rida where we have limited material to stitch.