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Monday, 14 August 2017


Creamy seekh white biryani....
Recipe By:
Zainabben Abbasbhai
(Commented On SMB Hunar Blog Recipe Post)
Seekh -- Chicken keema mutton keema 1 kg, roasted- Kashmiri red chilli, zeera, akkha dhania make pwdr, garam masala pwd, salt, green chilli paste, 1 big or 2 small onion chopped, gin gar pst, choppd kotmir, thoda besan (for mutton nd corn flr if chckn keema)..mix all in keema gv coal dhuni wd 1 laung (opt). Nw make seekh shape, shallw fry or deepfry or on griller..watevr convinient. Keep aside

Creamy mixture-- in a bowl tke 5/6 tb spn mayo, I small pack of fresh cream 250 ml, 1 pack of spread cheese, blck ppr pwd 1 tsp, little salt mix throuly wd whisker. Keep aside.

Gravy -- 5 or 6 big onion fry for 3 min den grind it. In a pan put oil n ghee, den add onion paste, gin gar paste, bhunofy, den add pav kg dahi, little salt, green chilli pst 1 tb, 1 tb sp green chilly sc., saute evrythng vry nicly den add abv creamy mixture, capsicum cubes, carrot cubes, n cook for some time so dat onion smell shud go n oil strts sprtng den add fried seekh cook for 5 or 8 min stir wd low hand or else seekh wll break. Gravy is done .

Nw boiled rice me put layer same like biryani. Put on dum. Its done. (Colour n brown onions r optional u can grnish wd kotmir n pudhina)


  1. Onion na masala ma mayo cheese n cream nu mixture sukam's a very weird masala ma nakhwasi mayo puru phati Jai n cream bhi

  2. Really suberb recepie. I tried it.