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Thursday, 3 August 2017

45 Types Of Cakes By SMB Recipe

1-Chocolate Truffle Cake

2-Black Forest Cake Without Oven | Eggless Black Forest Cake

3-Swiss Cake | Chocolate Mousse Cake | Chocolate Cake

4-How To Make Photo Cake At Your Home

5-Mix Fruit Cake

6-Rasmalai Cake

7-Butterscoth Crunchies

8-Butterscoth Cake With Butterscoth Crunchies

9-Pineapple Cake

10-Double Layer Cake | 2 Tier Cake

11-Neutral Glaze Cake | Mirror Glaze Cake

12-Doll Cake

13-Walnut & Chocolate Cake

14-Marble Effect Cake

15-Home Made Vanilla Cake

16-Chocolate Brownie Cake

17-Chocolate Cake

18-Chocolate Roll

19-Vanilla Cake

20-Biscuit Cake In Cooker

21-Biscuit Cake

22-Simple Sponge Cake

23-Choco Lava Cake

24-Red Velvet Cake With Cheese Cream Icing

25-Dry Fruit Cake

26-Zebra Cake

27-Black Forest Cake

28-Marble Cake

29-Royal Icing

30-Vanilla Cake In Cooker

31-Perfect Vanilla Cup Cakes

32-Eggless Chocolate Brownies

33-Eggless Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Frosting

34-Cookies & Creame Smoothie

35-Chocolate Fajj

36-How To Make Cakes Without Oven

37-Potato Pancake

38-Perfect Vanilla Cup Cakes

39-Chocolate Cake In Cooker

40-Choco Biscuit Cake

41-Chocolate Cake Base

42-Vanilla Cake Base

43-Dora Cake

44-Pan Cake

45-Brownies Without Oven

46-Roti Cake

47-Vanilla Cake

48-Rava Cake

Cake Making Tips & Tricks
1-Cut & Fold Method In Making Cake Batter

2-How To Grease Cake Pan

3-How To Bake Cake Without Oven / Cooker

4-How To Make Sugar Syrup

5-How To Cut Cake Into 3 Layers

6-How To Whip Cream For Cake Icing

7-How To Make Coloring Whip Cream For Cake Decoration

8-How To Attach Nozzle and Fill Piping Bag For Cake Decoration

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